Project Movements is a self initiated project. It began in June 2013 and is visual panorama of the political landscapes of protest in Greece, USA, Turkey, Brazil and Angola through a series of personal political portraits.

Project Movements engaged with people through social media and asked questions about music, color, dates, people, places and words related to their political identity that would become the basis for their silk composition.

The prints allow two points of view, the individual and the collective. When presented as a group, the prints establish a visual dialog where meaning is perceived through repetitions, contrast, color and form.

In 2013 Project Movements won the competition "Never Stop, Never Settle" promoted by Hennessy US and Pratt Institute and was exhibited during the December 2013 Miami Art Basel Fair and in 2014 at Bklyn Designs and Opus Project Space, Chelsea NY.

The project also won the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil and Caixa Cultural public grants and was exhibited at the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center in Belo Horizonte and Brasília and at Caixa Cultural do Rio de Janeiro in 2015. In 2016/17 the project was on view at Espaço Espelho D'água, Lisbon, Portugal. So far, the exhibition had more than 40 thousand viewers.

André managed to capture so deeply a very particular moment in our history, not in the histor of Brazil, in the history of mankind. It is very beautiful to see this, transpose it visually, I think it is much more beautiful because it is done through a work that It is at the same time the expression of each person and the gestural expression of the artist. It is as if in a certain way we return to what I call the founding act of humanity.

– João das Neves.
Brazilian director and playwright. Founder of Grupo Opinião and director of CPC of UNE in the early 1960s.

Mano André,

It was good to feel that in the fast food world of our times exist people like you, who take as their own the pains of people who they have never seen, who take as an offense the deprivation of values that are (should be) universal, without homeland and without flag, if not of humanity. Well you do, thank you very much for everything.

A hug the size of the ocean
that separates us.

– Luaty Beirão.
Rapper and Luso-Angolan activist known for his activism for freedom of expression. Luaty was one of the young political prisoners arrested for supposedly attempting a coup d'etat in Angola. His print was organicaly reproduced online, on T-shirts and printed materials in different countries as fuel for mobilization. After months of detention and judicial harassment, in 2016 they were released and all charges dropped.