For many trans and nonbinary people, using their credit card is risky. They have been denied service and endured verbal and physical harassment when using a card with a name that represents someone they are not. To make matters worse, changing their legal name to one that matches their true identity is a long and difficult process. With True Name, people can now proudly display their chosen names on the front of their Mastercards.

Client: Mastercard
Agency: McCann XBC

Press: CNBC

TrueName_Mastercard_CaseStudy from André De Castro on Vimeo.

A simple price tag.
Calculated the price politicians put on student lives by taking NRA money. Became a symbol of the movement.

Client: March For Our Lives
Agency: McCann NY


Cannes Lion Gold - Direct (Excellence)
Cannes Lion Gold - Outdoor (Ambient)
Cannes Lion Gold - PR (Public Affairs)
Cannes Lion Silver - PR (Non-Profit)
Cannes Lion Bronze - PR (Social Community)
Cannes Lion Shortlist - Direct (Small Scale)
Cannes Lion Shortlist - Direct (Digital Platforms)
Cannes Lion Shortlist - PR (Real-Time)
Cannes Lion Shortlist - Social & Influencer (Non-Profit)
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The One Show Gold - Current Event Response
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The One Show Gold - Physical Items
The One Show Gold - Events & Experiential
The One Show Gold - Collateral
The One Show Silver - OOH / Experiential & Installations

D&AD Yellow Pencil - Creativity For Good: Non-Profit
D&AD Wood Pencil - Community Experience
D&AD Shortlist - Creativity For Good: Product Design
D&AD Shortlist - Design: Non-Profit
D&AD Shortlist - Direct Response: Digital

D&AD Impact White Pencil - Civic Engagement
D&AD Impact White Pencil - Education

Art Directors Club Gold Cube - Direct/Wildcard
Art Directors Club Silver Cube - Promotional Materials

ANDY Awards Gold - IDEA
ANDY Awards Richard T. O’Reilly Award For Outstanding Public Service

Epica Awards Grand Prix - Responsibility
Epica Awards Gold - PR
Epica Awards Silver - Consumer Direct

Shorty Award For Social Good - Pro Bono
Shorty Award For Social Good - Shoestring Budget

Webby Awards Nominee - Best Cause Related Campaign
Webby Awards Nominee - Best Use Of Earned Media
Webby Awards Nominee - Best Event Activism

Clio Gold - OOH (Direct)
Clio Silver - PR (Public Affairs)
Clio Silver - Integrated Campaign

AdAge A-List Honors Best Work For Good

London International Gold - Digital (Public Service/Social Awareness)
London International Gold - Ambient (Public Service/Social Awareness)
London International Silver - Ambient (NGO)
London International Silver - Creative Use of Data
London International Bronze - Integration (Public Service/Social Awareness)

Cresta International Awards Silver - Outdoor

Shorty Awards Best Large Agency/Culture

The intersection of Christopher and Gay Streets in NYC is an iconic corner down the block from the Stonewall Inn, where the riots and the eventual the revolution began for the LGBTQIA+ rights movement. Partnering with the NYC Commission of Human Rights, we took this symbol of the community and made it a bit prouder for World Pride 2019.

Client: Mastercard & New York Commission of Human Rights
Agency: McCann XBC

AcceptanceStreet_Mastercard_Cannes_CaseStudy from André De Castro on Vimeo.


The One Show
Bronze | Design-Out of Home-Single
Bronze | Design Branding-Corporate Communications
Merit | Experiential & Installations-Brand Installations

Effie Awards
Winner | Engaged Community
Winner | Brand Experience: Live
Winner | Topical Marketing

New York Festivals
Gold | Financial Advertising-Use of Discipline/Medium-Guerilla-Alternative Media-Location-Based Media
Gold | Financial Advertising-Consumer-Corporate Image
Gold | Financial Advertising-Use of Discipline/Medium-Events
Silver | Financial Advertising-Use of Discipline/Medium-Outdoor/Transit/Out-of-Home
Bronze | Financial Advertising-Use of Discipline/Medium-Public Relations
Bronze | Financial Advertising-Use of Discipline/Medium-Social Media
Merit | Financial Advertising-Consumer-Financial Service Provider
Gun violence in the U.S. is a vicious cycle. Every shooting is followed by public outrage, thoughts and prayers, false promises. And then it happens again because the gun lobby pays politicians to maintain the status quo. The only way to end this cycle is by getting young people to vote. March for Our Lives activists partnered with Kesha and her brother Sage to launch an original song, alongside a music video, to mobilize young people to vote three weeks before the midterm elections.

Client: March For Our Lives
Agency: McCann NY

Poster Design:
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Bronze Lion | Entertainment Lions for Music | Excellence in Music Video

Shortlist | Use of Original Composition | Excellence in Music
Shortlist | Entertainment-Talent: Film, Series & Audio
Shortlist | Film-Single-market Campaign
Shortlist | Sustainable Development Goals-Partnership for the Goals

Wood Pencil | Sound Design & Use of Music
Shortlist | Direction-Online
Shortlist- | Direction-Branded Content & Entertainment-Non Fiction

The One Show
Silver | Moving Image Craft-Use of Music-Original Music
Silver | Health, Wellness & Pharma-Public Relations
Bronze | Health, Wellness & Pharma Film-Health&Wellness
Merit | Branded Entertainment-Music Videos
Merit | Public Relations-Current Event Response
Merit | Design Craft-Art Direction
Finalist | Film-Online Films & Video | Long Form-Single
Shortlist | Cinematography | Single

Silver | Film Technique-Music-Original
Bronze | Audio-Streaming/Downloadable Content
Bronze | Audio Technique-Music
Bronze | Film Technique-Direction
Bronze | Film Technique-Visual Effects
Shortlist | Direct-Film
Shortlist | Direct-Social Media
Shortlist | Film-Five Minutes and Over

Clio Music Awards
Gold | Social Good-Music Marketing
Silver | Film/Video-Music Videos
Silver | Film/Video Technique | Cinematography
Silver | Film/Video Technique | Direction
Silver | Film/Video Technique | Editing
Silver | Integrated Campaign | Brand and Artist Collaboration
Silver | Use of Music | Five Minutes and Over
Silver | Use of Music | Innovation
Bronze | Film/Video Technique | Visual Effects
Bronze | Partnerships & Collaborations
Bronze | Social Media
Shortlist | Branded Entertainment & Content
Shortlist | Film/Video | Five Minutes and Over

Bronze | Art Direction | Digital / Motion – Motion – Single
Bronze | Branded Content & Entertainment | TV / Film – Single
Bronze | Craft in Video | Special Effects – Single
Bronze | Design for Good | Advertising – Single
Finalist | Video | Online Video – Single

Webby Awards
Winner | Advertising, Media & PR: Public Service & Activism
Nominee | Advertising, Media & PR: Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics
Nominee | Advertising, Media & PR: Best Use of Video or Moving Image

New York Festivals
Second Prize Award | Public Relations: Best Use | Crisis & Issue Management
Second Prize Award | Film Craft | Best Original Music
Third Prize Award | Public Relations: Best Use-Social/Environmental Good: Brand
Finalist | Artistry & Craft: Branded Content/Entertainment | Best Original Music
Finalist | Film Craft-Editing

Shortlist | Motion Graphics VFX

Editor’s Pick
Creativity Top 5 (#1)
Creativity Best of 2018 Digital/Integrated/Social Media (#1)

Teen Vogue
Rolling Stone
The Hollywood Reporter
The Hill
Ad Age

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Microsoft's 2017 Holiday campaign. It celebrates the launch of new Paint3D app and Remix 3D social channel, making 3D creation accessible to everyone.
Client: Mastercard
Agency: McCann NY

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London Internation Awards
Bronze | Motion Graphics

Art Directors Club
Merit | Art Direction Motion - Single


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